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As a "messageful" jazz dance team, Memorable Moment keeps disseminating COMMUNICATION to
the world by works with distinct perspective and full of creativity.
As the team name indicates, their main theme policy is to give you the memorable moments through their
works that are dynamic as well as exquisite.

No boarder, No language, No limit to give you messages in this beautifle world

Memorable Moment is the "messageful" jazz dance team led by KAORI, a top choreographer in Japan.
Their works are not only high quality of unison but also messageful, and the choreographies retains
high reputation due to the distinct views of world.
They obtained numbers of awards in Japan and abroad.

Their high experienced ability enables corroborations with other genres and stable perfoances in
site-specific occasion. Also, movements by highly flexible bodies create an irresistible world beyond
your imagination, so No language is NEEDED.
Messages expressed by their keen sensibilities will shake your hearts.

Their acting skills, expressive power, no matter what is picked,
their reputation is high and that will not disappoint you.
They are literally the most remarkable team in any fields such as street dance, contemporary and jazz dance.